Tuscan V6

Tuscan V6

Pre M-series
6 cilinders
1969 – 1971
TVR Tuscan V6
Ford Essex V6

Here’s a car that probably deserves greater respect and collector interest than it currently receives, especially with such low build numbers. And if the Tuscan looks rather like the Vixen, that’s because in effect it is one, but with a Ford three-litre V6 from the Zodiac, plus larger brakes and a heavy-duty rear axle.

Of the early TVRs, the Tuscan is probably the most appealing. With more than a decade of series production behind it, and a move to more accommodating premises, TVR was building them better eith each passing year. The Tuscan might have effectively been a Vixen with upgrades, but the new power plants were what gave the car its current following.

The TVR Tuscan V6 is a 2 door coupé-bodied motor vehicle with a front mounted engine supplying power to the rear wheels.
Its 6 cylinder, overhead valve naturally aspirated engine has 2 valves per cylinder and a capacity of 3 litres. This unit produces power and torque figures of 138 bhp (140 PS/103 kW) at 5000 rpm and 260 Nm (192 lbft/26.5 kgm) at 3000 rpm respectively.
The engine drives the wheels via a 4 speed manual with overdrive set of gears.
Claimed kerb weight is 910 kg.
Maximum claimed speed is 201 km/h

The Essex-engined V6 Tuscan was an appealing addition to the range, plugging the gap in the range between the sweet four-cylinder cars and the lairy V8s. They ended up proving so popular, they paved the way for the upcoming mainstream TVRs of the 1970s.

Production of the Tuscan V6 ran in parallel with the ferocious 4.7-litre V8 version, although the V6, with Ford’s single-cam V6, was one hundredweight lighter and handled more sweetly. It also sold better, with 101 built before the line was switched to the replacement Vixen series. These days most cars will have had their problems engineered out, the Essex V6 has a host of tuning parts available and the Tuscan is a usable classic.