Tuscan Mk2 4.0 S

Tuscan Mk2 4.0 S

6 cilinders
350 – 400
TVR Tuscan (S) Mk2 4.0
Straight Six

The Tuscan Mk2 is the latest evolution of the legendary TVR Tuscan. Stunning new lightweight composite targa bodywork. Luxurious new leather interior. Sophisticated new handling set-up. Same earth shaking power to weight ratio. The Tuscan 2 heading covers the later variants of the TVR Tuscan from late 2004 until manufacture ceased including the Tuscan 3, the Tuscan Convertible and the S.

With the most recent development of the same Speed Six engine that propelled both TVRs to such strong finishes in the gruelling 24 Hour race at Le Mans; the Tuscan Mark 2 out-performs the competition, while chassis and steering development make it easier to drive than ever before. The Tuscan 2 has geometry changes to the front suspension as well as incorporating the power steering system from the TVR Tamora, and these changes have made the Tuscan Mark 2 more stable on the road.

Clothing one of the most substantial rollcages and chassis in the industry, the new bodywork has been designed to provide downforce for high speed stability as well as head turning looks. The new interior cossets its two occupants in seats trimmed in the finest Scottish hides while there is room in the cavernous boot for two sets of golf clubs, as well as luggage, even with the roof and rear screen stowed.

The range topping Tuscan Mk 2 S features a handling set-up and a phenomenal 400 bhp 4 litre engine aimed at the most sporting drivers as well as a motorsport-derived aerodynamic package. It also featured a full two years warranty, air conditioning, 18 inch wheels, gas discharge headlights and a DAB radio as standard.

In creating the Tuscan Mark 2, TVR have implemented numerous enhancements over the stunning original design. Most of these changes have been focussed on the interior, especially the dashboard, and the external styling of the car, the front and rear aspects in particular. In the first of the TVR Tuscan 2 the speedo pod had been completely redesigned and incorporates the lights, wiper and indicator functions but still remained in a pod format. The all new radio housing takes the heater controls, electric window and door controls together with a push button start for the Speed Six engine.
TVR Tuscan 2 S

The same logic of the Tuscan S transferred to the Tuscan 2 model range with the Tuscan S being effectively the fully specified big brother of the range. The Tuscan 2 S again benefited from the more powerful derivative of the TVR Speed 6 engine, the larger brakes, a number of body styling tips such as large boot spoiler although now an integral part of the boot panel and front splitters. The Tuscan S was available in all the formats of Tuscan 2, Tuscan 3 and Tuscan Convertible so there are quite a number of Tuscan variants in this later model range.
TVR Tuscan 3

Later TVR Tuscan 2 dashboards had a change of design and TVR reverted to a more standard dashboard that was sometimes known as TVR Tuscan 3 or wavy dashboard. This dashboard was first seen in the TVR Tamora and subsequently in the T350 and TVR Sagaris. This dashboard was also the only dashboard available for the TVR Tuscan Convertible which was the last of the current range of TVRs to appear from the Bristol Avenue factory in Blackpool.


TVR Tuscan Convertible

The TVR Tuscan Convertible shares generally the same platform as the other Tuscans but with a couple of obvious changes. It is designed with a fully convertible roof structure along similar lines to the TVR Tamora and earlier Griffiths and Chimaeras. This operates as a removable centre section and a rear screen section which folds flat. The centre section stows in the boot and driver/passenger protection is afforded by 2 separate roll hoops immediately behind each seat bolted down directly to the chassis.

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