Tuscan Mk1 4.0

Tuscan Mk1 4.0

6 cilinders
360 – 400
TVR Tuscan (S) Mk1 4.0
Straight Six

The TVR Tuscan was available in 2 guises, the standard Tuscan or the mighty Tuscan S. The TVR Tuscan S was basically the standard car but with all the available options such as the TVR stated 400 bhp Red Rose engine, larger brakes, air conditioning, 18” alloy wheels and boot spoiler and front splitters and associated badging gave the game away on the road!

Engine choice was limited to the TVR Speed Six but in a number of formats, 3.6 litre, 4.0 litre and 4.0 litre to Red Rose specification. Horsepower ranged from 360 – 400 bhp so no TVR Tuscan should ever be described as slow!

These later TVRs all had their chassis and wishbones blasted prior to epoxy paint and as such you do not yet see the corrosion that you can get with TVR Griffiths and Chimaeras or early Cerberas. Running gear is reliable but there can be electrical problems often associated with unrequested water ingress. The clutches typically last 18 – 22000 miles before suffering failure of the fingers on the diaphragm spring but gearboxes and differentials are reasonably robust. Brakes are good and most parts are freely available but some electronic control units are not available and have to be repaired. The TVR Tuscan in any of its guises remains an outstanding all round performer with fabulous looks to match the performance.

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