6 cilinders
2002 – 2006
Straight Six

The T400R and the T440R were originally known as the Tuscan R. They were to be the highest performance models produced by TVR and the ultimate version of this evolution was going to be known as the Typhon. The Typhon was to be fastest production TVR ever and together with its slightly smaller brothers lacked any electronic safety devices such ABS or any kind of traction control believing it to be safer without. Its power was originally planned to have stemmed from a 4200cc supercharged version of the stock 4000cc unit installed in the Tuscan, Sagaris, T350, Tamora and Cerbera Speed Six. The T400R and T440R respectively were in essence the platform for the Typhon and were required for homologation purposes – Although the T400R race cars were normally aspirated. The power was to be put down through either the Tuscan S manual gearbox, or a race-style true sequential gearbox with adjustable gear ratios. All the above names for this ultra high performance TVR effectively relate to the same vehicle but the names changed as the specifications and powers changed due to the length of time that the car was in development.

Tuscan 440 R (1)Tuscan 440 R (2)Tuscan 440 R

Unlike most TVRs which were relatively simple tubular steel spaceframes with fibre glass panels the Typhon and T400R and T440R had a combination of a steel spaceframe with full roll cage, combined with aluminium honeycomb sections, and a carbon fibre panels. The floor too was carbon fibre which allowed weight to be kept remarkably low compared to similar cars from Ferrari and Porsche, which were several hundred kilos heavier. The overall weight was around 1100kg couple with approximately 585 bhp (530bhp per tonne) in the supercharged version. This power to weight ratio was significantly greater than the Ferrari Enzo @ 484bhp per tonne. The whole chassis was designed from ground up using CAD/CAM software, a first for TVR who still tended to mainly use hand-draughted and clay sculpted design, reserving CAD for drivetrain design. These cars were also the first road going TVR to be supplied with adjustable dampers as standard, enabling customers to fine tune the car’s handling characteristics.


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