Continental Meeting 2017 English

Continental Meeting 2017
TVR club Holland is inviting you for at the 36th Continental Meeting at the Zolder Circuit on the 16th of June. We are sure that, with as many participants as last year, it will be a fantastic event again!

As all former participants know, once been there you want to participate every year. But, for those who are new to the event, a short summary of two days of continental meeting. To get a good impression, please browse this site for photo’s

The international registration form can be found on this page 



Normally we gather at the Van der Valk Hotel at Heerlen, but unfortunately they had a catastrophic fire in 2016 and are still under reconstruction. We have decided that we will again use the Hotel van der Valk in Stein, a little bit closer to the circuit.

The event starts at the 15th of June with reception an scrutineering at the above mentioned hotel, starting around 16.00. If you have a valid MOT this should not be a problem. Important are condition of tires, brakes and brake fluid, engine mounts, safety belts, battery mounts etc. At that moment you will also be informed what class you are in on the basis of type, engine and modifications.

On Friday we have a scrutineering at the circuit for those who could not make it on Thursday, but please be aware that this is always a very busy moment, so there could be a waiting line for scrutineering before you are allowed to enter the circuit. On Friday scrutineering starts a 09.00 until 11.00.

For those unknown to driving on a circuit we start around 09.00 with “Intro to Zolder” for around 45 minutes. You are driving behind a pace car with maximum 5 cars, with stops inbetween for some instruction. Not too fast but fast enough to get the “circuit feel”. If you like it, it is possible to enter for the whole day, paying the full amount of €220.

After the “intro” we will start our free driving session up to around 12.00. Circuit is closed between 12.00 and 13.00 for lunch. During that time we convert the circuit into a dragstrip for acceleration testing, a Slalom and a small Hillclimb at the back of the circuit. For all three continental speed tests prices are to be won!

You can participate as much as you want, driving into the pits after the acceleration test and start all over again or divert to the slalom and the hillclimb. At around 14.30 we quickly remove all obstacles and start with the rest of the program, anniversary drive with as much cars at the circuit as possible and more free driving.

All cars are fitted with a transponder for timing, so you can find your lap times on the lists distributed on Friday evening and we will also put all driving data on the website after the event.

At 18.00 the Circuit will be closed and everybody leaves for the hotel for a drink and afterwards a nice diner with a price giving ceremony.




  • Don`t forget your helmet!
  • Check oil levels. Low levels can cause engine damage due to higher cornering speeds at the circuit!.
  • Noise: the maximum noise level is 95 dB This is monitored during the whole day with a monitoring system around the circuit. Too much noise will get you banned from the circuit for the rest of the day after only one warning and is not open for discussion.







Driving tests:

he sprint is performed with two cars alongside each other, just like a drag race, with starting lights and timing. Location: Zolder straight, in opposite direction. At the finish you can turn back into the pits to have another go at it or proceed to the slalom and Hillclimb.

Close to the pits (normally the second corner after the Zolder straight) we have some pylons for a slalom. Performance also timed. Hitting one of the pylons means you have to set a new time

Hill Climb
Our version of a hill climb, performed at the back of the circuit at butte. Seems simple, but putting your foot down over the hill and keeping it there needs some courage, especially the first time! Also here your effort is timed.


Full program Friday 16th of June
A short overview of the program, with possible some small changes during the day;

09:00-10:00 Intro to Zolder
10:00-12:00  Free driving session
12:00-13:00  Lunch
13:00-14:20  Three continental speed tests (acceleration, slalom and hilll climb)
14:30-18:00  Continental Le Mans/Free driving session

18:00 circuit closed